To Become a Sponsor:

Sponsorship is a pledge to donate a designated amount of money to the licensed rescue group that is able rescue a dog or cat. When a rescue group comes forward, we will email you their contact information and notify the rescue group of your sponsorship; it is then up to you to contact the group to make donation arrangements. Typically, you can donate through the group’s website and the donation will be tax-deductible.

Sponsorship Pledge Form

Rescue costs for even a young and healthy dog or cat can be expensive, so multiple sponsorships for one animal are appreciated! Nearly every dog or cat from Athens Animal Control needs, at minimum, to be spayed or neutered, fully vaccinated, and put on monthly flea and heartworm preventative. If the dog or cat is old, pregnant, or has health issues such as heartworms (preventable, but very common in Georgia) the costs increase dramatically. Rescue groups are often the only hope for these less adoptable pets, and for this they deserve our endless gratitude.

Sponsorship Info for Rescue Groups:

First of all…THANK YOU for your hard work and dedication to saving our shelter animals! We treasure you!! Animal Control staff will contact us if there is anything we can do to help make the rescue process easier for you. And feel free to contact us directly as with suggestions: athenspetsinfo@gmail.com.

To receive sponsorship money for your rescue dog or cat, email athenspetsinfo@gmail.com. We will give you the contact information for your sponsors, they will be given your contact information as well. From there, it is up to the two of you to arrange the financial transaction. Athenspets doesn’t collect or hold sponsorship money. Our sponsors have proven to be reliable, but it may take several days to receive your sponsorship money, especially if it is sent via the post office.

General info for rescue groups:

  • Animal Control gives distemper and parvo shots for dogs and feline leukemia and FIV for cats.
  • Rescue groups must have a GA Dept. of Agriculture rescue license. Outside groups may coordinate rescues with a local licensed rescue group. Animal Control can provide contacts.
  • FAX a current copy of the license to Animal Control, along with a Rescue Transfer Form and a list of people authorized to pull animals on the group’s behalf.
    You may specify your group as a ‘last resort’ rescuer for an animal.
  • Your group is responsible for keeping in touch with Animal Control on the adoption/rescue status of ‘last resort’ rescues.

This is summary of the rescue process. For complete info call Animal Control: 706-613-3540 or go to the Animal Control website.