Athenspets is a 501(c)(3) (tax-exempt) nonprofit Georgia corporation. All donations made after January 30, 2015 are tax deductible, as allowed by law. It is also an all-volunteer organization; no salaries are paid, and administrative costs (website hosting, incorporation fees, etc.) are paid with donations by Athenspets Board Members for this purpose.

You may designate one or more of our funds for your donations: Medical Fund, Spay/Neuter Fund, or General Fund. Donations you make without specifying a fund are credited to the General Fund.
To make a tax-deductible donation to Athenspets, please use one of the links below or mail a check or money order payable to “Athenspets, Inc.” to:

P.O. Box 1022
Athens, GA 30603

If you wish any public recognition of your donation to be credited anonymously, or in honor or in memory of a person or pet, please include this information with your contribution.

Thank you for supporting Athenspets, and helping the shelter pets of Athens-Clarke County!

How Medical Funds Are Used
The Athenspets Medical Fund is the only source of money for veterinary treatment and disease testing for sick and injured dogs and cats at Athens-Clarke County Animal Control. Donations into this fund pay for such things as vet exams, x-rays, antibiotics, antiseptics, and surgeries. In addition, we may purchase supplies such as heartworm and FIV/FeLV tests for use at the shelter. Treating the dogs and cats not only relieves their suffering, but greatly increases their chances of adoption or rescue.

How Spay/Neuter Funds Are Used
Donations to the Athenspets Spay/Neuter Fund are used to alter Athens-Clarke County shelter dogs and cats to increase their chances of adoption or rescue. In addition, Athenspets works with shelter staff to identify communities in the Athens-area that have a high risk of producing unintended litters and provides funding for spay and neuter surgeries for pets from these areas with contributions to this fund. Our goal for this community outreach program is to reduce the future population of shelter pets in Athens-Clarke County.

How General Funds Are Used
Donations to the Athenspets General Fund may be used to supplement the Medical Fund or Spay/Neuter Fund as needed. General Fund donations may also be used to facilitate the rescue of shelter animals by helping, for example, with the cost short-term boarding and transportation to out-of-state licensed rescues. A donation to this fund allows Athenspets’ Board Members flexibility in deciding on the best use of the contributed funds.