Be a Shelter Volunteer! a student video from Grady Newsource at UGA!

There are several ways to volunteer:
Athenspets.net – We always welcome anyone who wants to visit the shelter to take photos of the dogs or cats, write up their stories and post them to this website. (Training provided of course!) We ask that you commit to at least one visit a month. For more information email info@athenspets.net

Shelter volunteer – The dogs, cats and humans at the shelter appreciate volunteers who can socialize and play with the animals any hours they are open. Some dogs and cats are frightened and stressed when they first arrive, and just a little one-on-one time with a person makes them feel so much better. Other dogs and cats are happy and friendly, but build up excess energy being stuck in a dog run or cat kennel nearly 24/7. Even a few minutes of exercise and playtime calms them down and will entertain you! If you think volunteering at the shelter might be depressing – just try it, you’ll be surprised. Dogs and cats live in the moment, so every happy moment they have with you is ‘forever’ to them. Call Animal Control for more information.

Crossposting – If you can’t come to the shelter, you can also help these dogs and cats get adopted by publicizing them on social media, listservs, etc. You may copy our pictures and stories – no copyright worries here! Be sure your messages include the date the dog or cat is impounded. Dogs and cats do not stay at Animal Control for long, so the information must be timely.