Athenspets Fund

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Special thanks to Pawtropolis for donating so generously and regularly to the Athenspets Fund!

Below are some of the animals who have been helped due to your generous donations!

  • 40807 – Angelica

    Angelica successposted 5/27/2014

    You may think that Angelica looks pretty sick and sad in this picture, but you should have seen her when she first came in. She was emaciated, mostly bald and covered in scabs. And then she got worse. Her legs and face began to swell and she seemed to be going into shock. An emergency trip to the vet revealed that she was literally dying of neglect. She was extremely anemic due to worms and had several infections. Fortunately her naturally strong bully-breed constitution helped her hang in until her meds kicked and now she’s getting prettier every day.

  • 40773 – Bunny

    Bunny successposted 5/27/2014

    Bunny got his name because he hopped rather than walked.  The Athenspets Medical Fund paid for some xrays, and we learned that his larger leg bones were bent, due to malnutrition.  Since he’s still a very young puppy, we learned that all he needed was high quality food and exercise and he’ll do fine.  His bones will never be completely straight, but they’ll be straight enough for him to live a long and happy life.

  • 40797 Marlee-Jo

    Marlee-Jo successposted 5/27/2014

    When Marlee-Jo arrived at the pound she had a mouthful of rotten teeth, a giant tumor on  her leg and the sweetest personality in the world.  Thanks to a special appeal for funds, we were able to pay for surgery to extract most of her teeth and remove the tumor.  Although she is a senior dog, she came through like a trooper and now has a wonderful new home where she goes to work with her dad, hangs out with a canine brother and is the happiest dog you’ll ever meet.


  • 40460 – Eve

    posted 3/26/2014

    Eve Athenspets FundWhen Eve came to the pound with a mammary gland infection and the biggest, most loving heart you could imagine in a dog.  We treated her infection, but we still feared for her future, since she had two big strikes against her – her pitbull breed and her ‘matronly’ figure, a result of having litter after litter, even at her young age.  Thank goodness for rescue groups, who saw only her stellar personality.

  • 40443 – Raya

    posted 3/24/2014

    Raya successWhen Raya arrived at the pound she wouldn’t put weight on one leg, so we took her to the vet for an evaluation.  Turns out she needed expensive hip surgery.  We issued a special appeal for funds, and the person that found Raya running stray also raised money from their workplace.  Thanks to that collective effort, Raya got her operation, fully recovered and went on to get adopted.

  • 40356 – Farrah

    Posted 1/23/2014

    Farrah - Athenspets FundFarrah arrived at animal control with some puncture wounds around her face and neck. Most likely she had been attacked by another dog. Despite this, she was the calmest, most affectionate teenage puppy you could imagine.  Farrah was rescued by a local rescue group, DRAR – Disaster Response Animal Rescue.

  • 40341 – Garrett

    posted 1/7/2014

    Garrett SuccessGarrett arrived at the pound with a broken rear leg.  Even though he was in great pain, he was a sweet and stoic puppy.  The vet reported that he was just as calm and friendly during his time at the clinic.  He returned to Animal Control with a great big splint on a little tiny leg, as you can see.  Without the Athenspets Fund, Animal Control would have had no choice but to euthanize him.  Garrett was rescued by Athens Canine Rescue.

  • 37210 – Orangina

    Athenspets Fund - OranginaOrangina came to Animal Control with an infection and possible nerve damage. After a course of ntibiotics and pain killers she felt much better!

  • 38477 – Dobby

    posted 6/1/2013

    Athenspets Fund DobbyDobby was only about 5 months old when he arrived at the pound with a collar embedded in his tiny neck.  It’s hard to imagine how anyone could let something like that happen.  The Athenspets Fund paid for a trip to the vet for removal and antibiotics.

  • 37983 – Isla

    Posted 6/1/2013Athenspets Fund Isla

    Isla arrived at Animal Control with a terrible ear infection.  A flush, ear drops and some antibiotics made her good as new.

  • 38213 – Schotzy

    posted 4/8/2013

    Schotzy successWhen Schotzy came to the pound she couldn’t put any weight on her right rear leg.  She was a sweet girl, and very adoptable, but without knowing just how serious her injuries were, no one could adopt her.  The Athenspets Fund paid for a x-rays and a diagnosis of a broken pelvis.  Just knowing what was wrong, and how much her treatment would cost was all the information her lucky new owners needed to adopt her.

  • 36908 – Fox

    Posted 4/7/2013

    36908_Fox_Athenspets Fund

    When Fox arrived at the shelter he had multiple puncture wounds around his hind end, suggesting that he had a run-in with some wild life with sharp claws.  He was in so much pain that he would growl when he licked himself.  The Athenspets Fund paid for a trip to the vet, where he had his wounds cleaned, and got some antibiotics and pain medication.  He healed quickly and now lives a safe and happy life with his new family.

  • 36909 – Squeak

    Posted 2/21/2013

    Squeak - Athenspets Fund

    Squeak had 2 or 3 seizures at Animal Control, so the Athenspets Fund paid for his trip to the vet’s.  He had another 2 0r 3 seizures there, but the vet couldn’t find a cause and suspected that it was a neurological problem that has no treatment.  Squeak came back to Animal Control and the staff had to decide what to do with this wonderful boy with such an uncertain prognosis.  Luckily, a vet tech who had worked on Squeak fell in love with him and asked to adopt him.  Squeak is in a perfect home now, with a vet tech who is going to vet school.

  • 37976 – Magic

    37976 Magic Athenspets FundPosted 2/10/2013

    When Magic arrived at the pound his eyes and skin were so red and itchy it was painful just to look at him.  Not that it got in the way of his happy nature, though.  A trip to the vet got Magic some medicine and by the time he was rescued several days later he was looking and feeling much better.

  • 37950 – Apollo

    Posted 2/7/2013
    ApolloApollo’s owners brought him to the pound with a severe injury to his hip.  He couldn’t walk on one rear leg and was in a great deal of pain, although he never acted grumpy and didn’t stint on the kisses.  The Athenspets Fund was able to pay for hip surgery, thanks to a special plea for donations.  The surgery was a success, and within days of it Apollo found a permanent, happy family.  Here he is, recuperating in his new home.

  • 37777 – Mister


    posted on December 3, 2012

    Mister is Shih Tzu puppy who arrived at Animal Control with severe injuries after being hit by a car. His hind end was completely paralyzed and he had no bladder or bowel control. The Athenspets Fund paid for a veterinary evaluation, but we couldn’t afford the expensive care he needed, and it was not clear at first whether he would even survive his injuries at all. The vet was so impressed with Mister’s stoic temperament though (never growling or snapping, despite the pain he was in) that he has kept Mister at the clinic and will continue to treat him for free. After one month, Mister has recovered enough to regain continence and can hobble around on three legs, although his fourth leg remains paralyzed. Mister seems to be out of the woods, but he has a long road to recovery. He will always be a severely disabled dog with a future of expensive surgeries ahead of him. He will not be available for adoption for a long time – assuming the clinic is willing to give him up! They have all become quite attached to each other.

  • 36859 – Bussy

    posted on November 30, 2012

    At ten weeks old, tiny Bussy was hit by a school bus.  Miraculously, his only injury was a gash on his front leg.   Some stitches and a little glue put Bussy’s leg to rights, and made him available for adoption.

  • 37649 – Juniper


    Juniperposted on November 16, 2012

    Juniper was a stray lab mix puppy who seemed fine when she first arrived at animal control, but quickly developed a swelling on her front leg that became so painful she couldn’t put any pressure on it.  The Athenspets Fund paid for a visit to the vet and treatment for a deep infection in her joint.  Juniper spent a couple of weeks at the vet, where she cast her spell on the vet, who decided to adopt her.